I’m FAMOUS!!! Well…. not exactly.

So last July I made the holy journey to the mecca known as Sin City. My childhood friend, Thomas, decided he wanted to get married in Las Vegas while he was back from one of his Marine tours. This was definitely a few days full of debauchery and shenanigans… but that is a different story all together!

Recouping the day after the bachelor party, I decided to brave an adventure to have some hangover beers and pizza with my parents who also flew in for the wedding. While enjoying our tasty grub and beverages we noticed some UFC fighters, a ring girl, and a couple cameras. We learned that this was a location for a Xyience energy drink commercial.

As I sat there thinking about how cool it was going to be to watch a commercial being filmed, out of nowhere the group came up and asked us to be in the commercial. I thought “oh s***, I am in no shape or form to be in public and now I’m going to be in a commercial.” Luckily I had only one word to say… XYIENCE!!!! Which regrettably enough I was unable to speak at one point in the video and it shows me just mumble the word. But I now recognize this video as the start, and finish, of my great acting career.



Apple as uncool as the New Kids on the Block?

Although I hate to ever remind myself that the New Kids on the Block ever existed, I thought the title would be pretty witty.  But that is beside the point.  As I was searching through technology article titles on the World Wide Web, I started to notice a common idea that Apple is no longer seen as “cool”.

I started thinking of how something could ever be more cool than the Iphone… The product that most businessmen strap on their hip and most hipsters squeeze into the pockets of their skinnyjeans.  Most recognize that the Iphone is still the biggest and most profitable product in the world, but is just no longer the industry leader.  New phones, such as the Galaxy S3 by Samsung, have managed to finally stake their claim as innovators in the industry.

Has Apple managed to create a trailblazing innovation since the death of the late great Steve Jobs?  Apple’s new CEO, Tim Cook, has more than his hands full walking in Jobs’ steps. Cook was quoted in February saying “the company is working as hard as ever and we have some great stuff coming.”  Will an innovation like Apple TV be able to create a new segment for Apple to compete in and launch them back into their innovative ways?

The CEO of Blackberry has stated that he thinks the Iphone is “passe”.  Maybe Blackberry ,the one time industry leader, has gained its swagger back with the release of its next generation Blackberry 10 operating system.

But as I sit here writing this on my Apple Mac laptop while simultaneously reading emails on my Apple Iphone, I can’t help but wonder if there is any truth to all this.  If so…

PLEASE HIPSTERS!!! Tell us what the next cool thing will be!