Pre-Vacation Stress

How can planning something that is suppose to be non-stressful, be so stressful??!!  I am currently planning a trip down to Florida for Spring Break, well technically it is the girlfriend’s Spring Break, but for all intents and purposes lets just call it my Spring Break as well.  Working stiffs, such as myself, usually aren’t just granted a week of freedom in the middle of Spring. 

I am looking at going to St. Petersburg beach.  I have been told that it is enough of a party, without having to deal with the young Spring Break crowd!  My parents actually ventured to this beach last year and have said that they loved it.  But since I am not a wealthy middle aged man, I do not have the funds to just spend as they did.  Which calls for intense hotel shopping. The worst!!!

Picking a location was not much of a battle because of the assistance from the parents.  But finding a hotel in the right price range has proven to be a struggle.  Needs to be on the beach, have a bar, refrigerator (for when said bar drains my wallet), be next to restaurants, and at least be cleaner than my own house. 

Now after several hours I have actually narrowed it down to 3 hotels.  But that’s not saying, there are a lot more places that could be looked at… I just don’t have that kind of time. I still have to make time for the blog!!  But with all that being said, I’m so close to having my vacation planned.  Just waiting on one little detail….  My Boss’s approval for taking that time off!


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