50 YARDS!!!!

There is something to be said about what a network commentator can add or take away from televised sports.  Commentators are always different, but can usually be classified as followed.  There are the monotone former athletes that make you wonder what in the hell the network was thinking, the former coaches that really seem to add that back story you never thought you wanted to know, the middle aged man who seems to have an obsession with a players’ significant other, the legends who have country songs written about them, and then there is GUS JOHNSON!  While in college, I was introduced to watching/listening to the greatest man to ever put a sports moment into words.  I believe that the man could make the commentary of a Paper Football game sound as incredible as when America stormed the beach of Normandy.  Gus is a commentator that takes every excited emotion in his body and throws them all at you in one.

Gus was a NFL commentator when I first heard him.  I have posted a link to the video of the greatest game I’ve heard him commentate, and this is where this post’s title is from.

But I was then robbed of hearing his roaring yells on Sunday. He had moved to the NCAA Basketball spot.  While this was still interesting to say the least, it did not have the emotional affect on me as before… But then, while patrolling my Twitter feed in pure boredom, I discovered that I could possibly be hearing Gus’s sweet, sweet voice on one of the world’s most emotional stages.. That’s right, Soccer!!! or futbal for you people across the pond.  Gus is even signed up to commentate the World Cup, which is one of my favorite sporting events. 

Here’s to many breath holding Cross Passes and diving Headers in the future…

– JG


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