Things You Do When You Get Bored…

I’ve always heard that only boring people get bored… Well if this is the case, I’m one damn boring person.  It may not be a sense of craving something to do, but there are times when nothing seems appealing.  I was reading the news tonight, a.k.a. looking at my Twitter Feed, when I noticed that there was a great trending topic.  ‘#Things I Do When I Get Bored’.  I thought this was the funniest thing I saw today!  Of course, there was Grumpy Cat saying how he laid on the floor in boredom, Golf Problems says he thinks of golf, and the usual tweets about checking your phone when you’re bored.  But there was one I noticed to start recurring a lot… that was ‘opening the refrigerator, looking in it, closing the refrigerator, and leaving empty handed’.  I started to think that must be an odd thing to do, and then I realized… I DO IT ALL THE TIME!!  When I go to my parents’ house, one of the first things I do is open the garage fridge and glance in.  I don’t even think I have a real intention of finding anything. Maybe just checking up on their diet or beer consumption? 

I then thought about if there were any other times that I fell victim to this sad behavior in other places. Well, turns out that I do.  I started to tell my girlfriend about the new trending topic on Twitter. She shook her head and immediately stated that she thinks I always check the refrigerator when I’m bored.  Well then… it looks like I have something to contribute to this Twitter topic!  But it’s sure nice knowing I’m not the only one..

Think you have a routine that indicates your boredom??

– JG


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