Six Second Generation? (Vine)

At the beginning of 2013, Twitter introduced a new application known as Vine.  This app lets users create a video that is six seconds long.  I have noticed many new Vine videos from private users show up in my twitter feed, but I have also noticed that a number of businesses have took advantage of the new trend.   My main question is.. Is it possible for a company to capture its target audience in just six seconds?

I sure think so… Here is a link to a Valentine’s Day commercial for Tropicana. Quick and effective!


I’m FAMOUS!!! Well…. not exactly.

So last July I made the holy journey to the mecca known as Sin City. My childhood friend, Thomas, decided he wanted to get married in Las Vegas while he was back from one of his Marine tours. This was definitely a few days full of debauchery and shenanigans… but that is a different story all together!

Recouping the day after the bachelor party, I decided to brave an adventure to have some hangover beers and pizza with my parents who also flew in for the wedding. While enjoying our tasty grub and beverages we noticed some UFC fighters, a ring girl, and a couple cameras. We learned that this was a location for a Xyience energy drink commercial.

As I sat there thinking about how cool it was going to be to watch a commercial being filmed, out of nowhere the group came up and asked us to be in the commercial. I thought “oh s***, I am in no shape or form to be in public and now I’m going to be in a commercial.” Luckily I had only one word to say… XYIENCE!!!! Which regrettably enough I was unable to speak at one point in the video and it shows me just mumble the word. But I now recognize this video as the start, and finish, of my great acting career.


Apple as uncool as the New Kids on the Block?

Although I hate to ever remind myself that the New Kids on the Block ever existed, I thought the title would be pretty witty.  But that is beside the point.  As I was searching through technology article titles on the World Wide Web, I started to notice a common idea that Apple is no longer seen as “cool”.

I started thinking of how something could ever be more cool than the Iphone… The product that most businessmen strap on their hip and most hipsters squeeze into the pockets of their skinnyjeans.  Most recognize that the Iphone is still the biggest and most profitable product in the world, but is just no longer the industry leader.  New phones, such as the Galaxy S3 by Samsung, have managed to finally stake their claim as innovators in the industry.

Has Apple managed to create a trailblazing innovation since the death of the late great Steve Jobs?  Apple’s new CEO, Tim Cook, has more than his hands full walking in Jobs’ steps. Cook was quoted in February saying “the company is working as hard as ever and we have some great stuff coming.”  Will an innovation like Apple TV be able to create a new segment for Apple to compete in and launch them back into their innovative ways?

The CEO of Blackberry has stated that he thinks the Iphone is “passe”.  Maybe Blackberry ,the one time industry leader, has gained its swagger back with the release of its next generation Blackberry 10 operating system.

But as I sit here writing this on my Apple Mac laptop while simultaneously reading emails on my Apple Iphone, I can’t help but wonder if there is any truth to all this.  If so…

PLEASE HIPSTERS!!! Tell us what the next cool thing will be!


Do you prefer to read or listen to the news?

GUIDE  is an application that turns your online news and favorite blogs into a personalized television program.  It is delivered to you in a television news-style broadcast.  The headlines of the articles will be posted on the screen, while a customizable digital anchor reads the information to you.  There will be numerous characters that are available to choose from, including from animals, humans, and robots.

If you are like me, sitting down and reading the newspaper sounds a whole lot more enjoyable than it actually is.  I am also a person who is constantly trying to multitask.  This program would make it much easier to perform morning activities while still being able to get the daily news, or other information, simultaneously.

The video below shows a small demonstration of the program.

– JG

Pre-Vacation Stress

How can planning something that is suppose to be non-stressful, be so stressful??!!  I am currently planning a trip down to Florida for Spring Break, well technically it is the girlfriend’s Spring Break, but for all intents and purposes lets just call it my Spring Break as well.  Working stiffs, such as myself, usually aren’t just granted a week of freedom in the middle of Spring. 

I am looking at going to St. Petersburg beach.  I have been told that it is enough of a party, without having to deal with the young Spring Break crowd!  My parents actually ventured to this beach last year and have said that they loved it.  But since I am not a wealthy middle aged man, I do not have the funds to just spend as they did.  Which calls for intense hotel shopping. The worst!!!

Picking a location was not much of a battle because of the assistance from the parents.  But finding a hotel in the right price range has proven to be a struggle.  Needs to be on the beach, have a bar, refrigerator (for when said bar drains my wallet), be next to restaurants, and at least be cleaner than my own house. 

Now after several hours I have actually narrowed it down to 3 hotels.  But that’s not saying, there are a lot more places that could be looked at… I just don’t have that kind of time. I still have to make time for the blog!!  But with all that being said, I’m so close to having my vacation planned.  Just waiting on one little detail….  My Boss’s approval for taking that time off!

50 YARDS!!!!

There is something to be said about what a network commentator can add or take away from televised sports.  Commentators are always different, but can usually be classified as followed.  There are the monotone former athletes that make you wonder what in the hell the network was thinking, the former coaches that really seem to add that back story you never thought you wanted to know, the middle aged man who seems to have an obsession with a players’ significant other, the legends who have country songs written about them, and then there is GUS JOHNSON!  While in college, I was introduced to watching/listening to the greatest man to ever put a sports moment into words.  I believe that the man could make the commentary of a Paper Football game sound as incredible as when America stormed the beach of Normandy.  Gus is a commentator that takes every excited emotion in his body and throws them all at you in one.

Gus was a NFL commentator when I first heard him.  I have posted a link to the video of the greatest game I’ve heard him commentate, and this is where this post’s title is from.

But I was then robbed of hearing his roaring yells on Sunday. He had moved to the NCAA Basketball spot.  While this was still interesting to say the least, it did not have the emotional affect on me as before… But then, while patrolling my Twitter feed in pure boredom, I discovered that I could possibly be hearing Gus’s sweet, sweet voice on one of the world’s most emotional stages.. That’s right, Soccer!!! or futbal for you people across the pond.  Gus is even signed up to commentate the World Cup, which is one of my favorite sporting events. 

Here’s to many breath holding Cross Passes and diving Headers in the future…

– JG

Not Another Motivational Video! But How About A Pep Talk?

So I’m assuming we have all seen the typical motivational videos, from athlete videos to movie quotes.  And have heard the generic saying of “you are not meant to survive; you are meant to succeed!”, told one way or another.  Well I found one that may just lift you up enough on the inside to get you moving on the outside.

This video is by Kid President.  And is responsible for my new favorite inspirational quote.  “It’s everybody’s job to give the world a reason to dance!”  There are many reasons to be happy and I hope you’re able to take advantage of them!

Bounce Music… If you don’t know, now you know!

A few years ago I was introduced to Diplo and other ‘Dubstep/ Electronic’ artists.  At first I did not care for the music genre, but it really started to grow on me.  I started listening to Pretty Lights, Bassnectar,  and then Skrillex… I was hooked.  The shows that these artists put on were non stop dancing and fun!  I saw Diplo perform with his group Major Lazer at the Bonnaroo Music Festival this summer, and it was more entertainment than I anticipated.

The video I posted is a pilot for a show that Diplo has created where he analyzes music genres and visits the places they were created.  This particular show was about Bounce Music in New Orleans, LA.  Bounce Music has been around a good while, but it was a new experience for me.  Big Freedia is the first Bounce Music artist I heard.  It was quite possibly the best mix of music and hilariousness.  Diplo, being the great music creator he is, decided he would take advantage of the new interest of Bounce Music and create a Dubstep/Bounce fusion.  His song is called ‘Express Yourself’ ft. Nicky Da B, I highly recommend it.

“If you don’t know, now you know”

– JG

Things You Do When You Get Bored…

I’ve always heard that only boring people get bored… Well if this is the case, I’m one damn boring person.  It may not be a sense of craving something to do, but there are times when nothing seems appealing.  I was reading the news tonight, a.k.a. looking at my Twitter Feed, when I noticed that there was a great trending topic.  ‘#Things I Do When I Get Bored’.  I thought this was the funniest thing I saw today!  Of course, there was Grumpy Cat saying how he laid on the floor in boredom, Golf Problems says he thinks of golf, and the usual tweets about checking your phone when you’re bored.  But there was one I noticed to start recurring a lot… that was ‘opening the refrigerator, looking in it, closing the refrigerator, and leaving empty handed’.  I started to think that must be an odd thing to do, and then I realized… I DO IT ALL THE TIME!!  When I go to my parents’ house, one of the first things I do is open the garage fridge and glance in.  I don’t even think I have a real intention of finding anything. Maybe just checking up on their diet or beer consumption? 

I then thought about if there were any other times that I fell victim to this sad behavior in other places. Well, turns out that I do.  I started to tell my girlfriend about the new trending topic on Twitter. She shook her head and immediately stated that she thinks I always check the refrigerator when I’m bored.  Well then… it looks like I have something to contribute to this Twitter topic!  But it’s sure nice knowing I’m not the only one..

Think you have a routine that indicates your boredom??

– JG

No Better Time Than Now

If You Never Ship, Your Work is Wasted

Good Evening, World

I have been wanting to start a blog for some time now.  Procrastination, and the thought of ‘why would anyone care what I have to say’ had really gotten the best of me.  But it was time for some different thinking.  I found an article that made me bag up my doubts and throw them in the trash!  It was time to start Blogging!  The article that I copied the URL link to had an intellectual impact on me.  The opening line is “Have you ever worked hard on a task or project only to leave it almost done?”.  Needless to say, I have been there!  I currently work in a sales position with a Foodservice company.  This job has been challenging in a way that no class or job has ever challenged me before, and I’m very grateful for it!  But in relation to the article, no matter how many sales calls I make on an account it doesn’t matter unless I make an actual sale.  The author says there are 5 ways to make sure that you ship… Don’t wait for the right time, don’t wait for perfection, make decisions, get help shipping, and don’t think too big.  I’ve decided to write down these 5 ways and use them in my daily work.  Here’s hoping for much success!

“Life’s a garden, dig it”

~ JG